About Brad Ferguson

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As a forty-year veteran of the sign industry, my career began before computers, when layout was created with pencil or charcoal, and the finished product was produced with lettering brushes. Computer-assisted design has been both a blessing and a curse. But good design principles never change.

I no longer climb ladders with ease, but my desire and energy to promote excellence in sign design has never flagged. I believe that, in spite of the potent power that the computer as a design tool has given us, the sign industry is awash in mediocre and ineffective design work. Sign companies, all too typically, hire designers that are proficient in software manipulation but who have not been given basic knowledge of good design principles.

It’s my desire to be a small voice in a wilderness, sharing knowledge that I hope will enable others to help lift the bar for effective sign work.


3 thoughts on “About Brad Ferguson

  1. This is Johnny Best, love your page, a lot of good information. Hope you and your family are doing well through these strange times. Stay healthy!


    • We have all dodged the bullet so far. Of course we are in the very middle of the country. Maybe we will be the last to die. Hope your family is doing well.


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