Mike Stevens once said,

All sign makers fall into one of two categories.

There are those who depend on the ignorance of their market for their success.

Then there are those who are trying to inspire and educate the market. Because they know that their long-term success depends on educated and discriminating buyers.

The introduction of computers and software for sign making in the 1980s has had a profound effect on the sign industry.

With a relatively small investment, practically anyone can start a “sign company.” As a result the cost of buying signs has dropped markedly. For a sign buyer, this can be a good thing. Unfortunately, also as a result, there is a flood of sign work that is substandard and ineffective, primarily due to poor design.

Effective sign work is not necessarily fancy or tricky. It is not something good sign makers do just on special occasions. It isn’t a luxury. It is the mark of a professional. And it is no accident.


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